About HM

About HM Sports

HM Sports brings you winning selections in all sports on a consistent basis.

We have shown a profit 9 of the last 10 years in all sports wagers.

8 of the last 10 NFL Seasons and 10 of the last 10 NCAAF Seasons have been profitable!

We bring you only our top plays and the same plays that we play ourselves. We stress money management and will never chase or let it all ride on one play.

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Where do our plays come from?

We have several ways that we handicap games, and make them plays

1. We made book here in NYC for over 2 decades and know which side you need to be on.  As a former book we know the value of making your own lines, we make our own lines and play the sides where the line is “off”. We are located in Staten Island, NY and have access to several local books here in NYC as well, they give us a little insight as to which sides are taking too much unwarranted action, we follow some of the local sharp action and fade some of the local “mushes”.

2. We had in’s with several syndicates that move large money on games. We follow their action when they move over $5M combined on one side.

3. We know how to read the lines! They always tell a story!

We have been collecting from books for over 20 years and want to show you what we can do.