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September 23,   2014….We gave back just about everything we made on sunday as our 150 unit play on the Jets ML and the 2nd leg of our teaser with the Jets didnt cover.      All our plays are monitored click here to see

Thursday night 100 unit and 2 HUGE 150 unit plays up for Saturday. They will be pulled down once the lines move 1 point from where we released them! Get these plays NOW!!

   We are  99-67-1 the last 34 days (60 %) !   2014 NCAAF 34-27-1  (55.7%) -189  units (6-7-1 100 unit plays/2-1 on 150 unit)   / 2014 NFL 24-16 (60%) +441 units (100 unit plays 10-7/150 unit 0-2/200 unit plays 1-0)


Thurs Night 100 unit NCAAF
Thurs Night 100 unit NCAAF
Get our Thurs night NCAAF 100 unit Blowout .. one of these games the line is off by over 10 points!! $25 gets this play. Guaranteed to cover or Fri night NCAAF free!!
Price: $35.95
Price: $25.00


Saturday NCAAF Early Releases - 2 x 150 unit
Saturday NCAAF Early Releases - 2 x 150 unit
Get our Saturday 150 unit plays (2 of them) before the lines move!! We are going 2-0 on these guaranteed or Sun NFL free!! This package will be pulled down once the lines move 1 point from where we release the plays! $35 gets both winners NOW
Price: $45.00
Price: $35.00


2014 NFL and NCAAF Season
2014 NFL and NCAAF Season
Get all of our plays in NFL and NCAAF just $750.00. Regular price $1500. This price is good through opening day for NCAAF. Guaranteed profitable season for both or rest of 2015 free!!
Price: $1,500.00
Price: $750.00


NFL Full Season + rest of pre season
NFL Full Season + rest of pre season
Get our full NFL season and the rest of the pre-season just $499.99. Guaranteed profitable season or rest of 2015 is free!! Special pricing is good until opening day only!
Price: $750.00
Price: $499.99

NCAAF Season
NCAAF Season
Get the full NCAAF season including all bowl games just $399.00. Guaranteed winning season or the rest of 2015 free!!
Price: $750.00
Price: $399.00

All paid plays are on twitter 5 mins after 1st pitch or 5 mins after kickoff for tracking purposes!!

 2014 MLB 1st half  141-151-2 +104,480/  15 + dime plays 35-25-2 (60%) +$231,100/  MLB 2nd half 61-52-1   / 100 dime plays 1-1 / 75 dime plays 1-0 

A lot of you guys asked me to change NFL and NCAAF and track in units rather than dimes.  We listened and we are doing that starting tonight.  NCAAF has been adjusted and NFL regular season will be tracked in units.

 All of our plays are released on twitter 5 mins after the game starts! Follow us on twitter to get our free plays and to see our paid plays 5 mins after they start so you can track them-  

 Just click the add to cart button below , make your purchase and then log into your acct to get today’s winners

All of our plays are monitored as of 8/28/2014 right here… Handicappers Watchdog 180x80

How to get your plays: If you DONT have an account on our site, just click “sign up” on top of the page, enter your name and email, then log in to purchase today’s winning plays.  Look for the confirmation email to verify your acct (check spam too). After you verify you can log in to get the plays. Once you purchase today’s package – you MUST log in to get your plays.

 Final  2014 NFLX  32-13-2  + 362.6 dimes (71.1%)
2014 CBB system plays 15-5  (75%) +$26,000.

Our plays rated 12  dimes or higher in the NCAA Tournament ended a crazy 22-9-1   (71%)

2013/2014 NHL reg season 22-17-1 (56.4%) (+7.33 units inc all NHL parlays)  

NFL/NCAAF Public burial plays 7-5 (+16.1 units) 

HM Sports Parlays 6-16 in 2013 + 45.69 units   

2013 World Series  7-1-1 picking up 41.9 units for the 6 games. NFLX final #s  +19 units

March 2014 +$43,500

Feb 2014 +$42,050

Jan 2014 -$56450

2013 by the month +414.87 units !!  

-78 units in December   +22 units in November  + 187.98 units  in Oct   +37.8 units in Sept -18.75 units in August  +9.45 units in July  +53.76 units in June   + 24.61 Units in May  HM Sports 2013 NBA playoffs  Record 42-42-1 + 7.05 units +43.03 units in April  +69.54* in March  + 5.85* in feb +57.6* in Jan for HM Sports

Log in to purchase today’s  winners NOW If your playing on your own and not seeing # like this in your account – What are you waiting for? Your book is paying my people with your losses! Were winning just about everyday – are you? If your answer to that question is NO - then what are you waiting for? Log into your account NOW and purchase todays winners  Our final 2012 Numbers – Another Winning year in all sports –  

  • NFL 87 – 75 all plays rated 3-15* +78*
  • NCAAF 78-73 all plays rated 3-12* +26.5*
  • NBA 86-79 all plays rated 3-12* +27.9*
  • NCAAB 41-32 all plays rated 3-10* +57.9*
  • MLB 55-41 all plays rated 3-10* +87.7*

——————————————————————————-We take the risk out of gambling. This is an investment in your money not a roll of the dice. We monitor line movements, follow where the money is going and how the line reacts to that money. We also follow where the public money is going and how the line is reacting to that as well. We are giving you the games we play ourseves. Were not here to sell locks, were here to make money daily.

If you want our free play just sign up and the play will be in your account when you log in.

If you are looking to purchase a package – click the FAQ’s tab on top for instructions. I play every game I put out personally. Betting on sports is all about money management and winning days , not winning one game. We aim to win week over week. Remember this is a marathon, not a sprint. You want to win week over week not just try and load up in one day. If you have signed up already – you can log in with your email and the password all of your plays are in your account daily (if you have an issue email us at Our site is 100% no bullshit. Were all here for the same reason – to win money. No hyped games, no locks of the week, year, decade. NO game of the year. Just consistent winning weeks, months, years.  Plays are released from 1-50 dimes.

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